Sunday, December 9, 2012

Make a difference

My sixteen year old daughter has had the privilege of being nominated for People to People's Ambassador Program. 

Nomination is one thing, fundraising to make this possible is another.

If her and I can raise the required tuition, she will have the opportunity to be one of 40 students to travel to seven countries in 21 days.

Our goal is to keep the fundraising as simple as possible.  That being said, we set the goal of $20 per donation thus making it within the reach of almost anybody that wants to make a huge difference on the life of another for only $20.

Our goal is to raise $9,000.  As big as that goal is, we only need to get contributions from three people per day.

One day at a time is the only way to approach something of this magnitude.

Succeed and we will send Jessica of to Europe as an ambassador.  Her trip will begin in London and finish in Zurich.  Please take a few minutes to go to her blog linked below and check out this life changing itinerary.

If you would like to help - please to go Jessica's blog to support this life changing experience.