Friday, July 6, 2012

DAY 1,828 of...

My longest streak of anything is push-ups. Starting on July 6th, 2007, and everyday since then I have done push-ups. I have not missed a day for six years.

This anniversary of sorts is an ideal time to clarify the core message of "The 365 Day Challenge". The idea is to create momentum that makes it very difficult to stop.

More importantly, it makes it very easy to start. One deck of cards, using their face value equals 340 push-ups per day. My goal is NOT to complete the entire deck everyday. My goal has always been to START.

Out of the last 1,828 days, because I started, I have completed the entire deck all but about ten times. Once I start, it is very hard to stop. Knowing that, I avoid the overwhelm of thinking of all the reps I need to do. My goal is to start.

I apply the same idea to running, reading, writing and even relaxing.

Time flies and we can use that to our advantage by just choosing what is truly most important to us in the long term and setting the goal of just STARTING everyday.

Life is what we make it.

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