Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Loving technology

Now that life is getting back to "normal" for me, I found myself looking for a Jim Rohn book yesterday for my i-phone Kindle app and was pleased to find what looked like a great book that I could download for only $2.99.  So I got it and instantly started reading.  Then I realized that my own book that I hoped would reached as many people as possible was priced considerably higher.

So I did the logical thing and reminded myself it is not about the money and changed the price to only $2.99 for a Kindle download (from $9.99).  To $10 for a paperback (from $20) and so on.  And then ordered a Kindle version and began instantly reading that all the while realizing just how incredibly lucky we are to live in the times we live in,  To have access to such priceless words so conveniently.  Life is good and I am extremely excited about the next five years.

Jeffrey J. Miller is the author of the international masterpiece "The 365 Day Challenge" and currently resides in Wisconsin (U.S.) - his book is Now available instantaneously on Kindle for only $2.99  (From $10) and in Paperback for only $10 (from $20).  All prices are U.S.  - The U.K., Europe and India prices are set in the corresponding country and are subject to change with currency rates but are within the same parameters.