Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yesterday I completed reading Jim Rohn's book "My Philosophy for Success" on Kindle.  I highly recommend taking the time to read this book.  Over the years I have lost track of how many people have praised his work.  Now I know why.  The crazy part is that the book only cost me $2.99 to download.  Yet the thoughts and ideas are priceless.  His book is the one that inspired me to drop the pricing on my book and I am glad I did it.  It just makes it that much easier for people to take action.

This idea has also inspired me to get the rest of my books published. 

Jeffrey J. Miller is the author of the international masterpiece "The 365 Day Challenge" and currently resides in Wisconsin (U.S.) - his book is Now available instantaneously on Kindle for only $2.99  (From $10) and in Paperback for only $10 (from $20).  All prices are U.S.  - The U.K., Europe and India prices are set in the corresponding country and are subject to change with currency rates but are within the same parameters.