Saturday, March 24, 2012

10 marathons completed in 10 days and 1,415 miles ran so far in 2012

Today's plan of attack was extremely simple.  Sleep in with no alarm set to go off at any point.  I knew that I would get up mid-morning at the latest.  Then I would make the morning pot of coffee, get my supplies together for the run and do some easy stretching while waiting for the coffee to brew.  Then I would be off to run regardless of the weather.  Fortunately the sun did not come out until about five minutes after the run was completed.

The plan for today's run was to see how many miles I could put together at a nice comfortable 11-12 minute mile.  My hope was to be able to do all 26.2 miles without having to slow down because of some extreme discomfort in my legs.  Maybe it was the fact that on and off throughout the run I was in a light rain and the sun never showed during the run and the temps were in the 60's most of the run, either way, for the first time, I did exactly what I set out to do.  It may have taken ten tries, but I got it today.  Not fast.  Not slow.  The legs felt a little tight and the feet felt a little sore.  But nothing I have not already experienced and definitely not as extreme.

The official time run time was 5 hrs 11 min and 30 sec (A new Personal Best I hope not to regret tomorrow, but the fact that I had no miles where I really pushed, I might be OK)

Here are the splits that I was so motivated to accomplish.  The word for today was consistency:

Mile 1 - 11:23 / Mile 2 - 12:01 / Mile 3 - 11:09 / Mile 4 - 11:09 / Mile 5 - 11:26 / Mile 6 - 10:59 / Mile 7 - 12:32 / Mile 8 - 11:51 / Mile 9 - 12:11 / Mile 1 / 0 - 11:58 / Mile 11 - 12:06 / Mile 12 - 11:31 / Mile 13 - 11:36 / Mile 14 - 11:34 / Mile 15 - 12:14 / Mile 16 - 11:25 / Mile 17 - 12:01 / Mile 18 - 11:55 / Mile 19 - 12:00 / Mile 20 - 11:39 / Mile 21 - 11:53 / Mile 22 - 12:20 / Mile 23 - 12:24 / Mile 24 - 12:42 / Mile 25 - 12:31 / Mile 26 - 12:34 / Mile 26.2 - 12:29 pace

I don't know if I could more consistent than that!
For those of you wondering why I would take the time to manually type in these split times, my Runkeeper app is a wonderful app, when it works!  It has managed to work flawlessly on my i-phone, but, yesterday on the Runkeeper site, it stopped around mile 16 and today around mile 9.  Both days it did not post an end of run update with map link and today, it did not post one at the start earlier.  Since the route I run loops the first mile and a half I almost started the run over because of the app until I realized how stupid that idea was.

If any one out there in the running world knows of an app to track running that actually works more than a week, please let me know.  I have yet to find an app that functions more than a week.  And it can be extremely frustrating when this is my way of sharing what I am doing, which just happens to be the greatest personal challenge of my life.

Thanks a gazillion for all the feedback I have been getting from both Dailymile and Twitter, it is truly my fuel, especially knowing it is coming from all over the globe.  


  1. Maybe @garmin would be willing to donate a watch , since Garmin connect gives the splits, map, elevations and a lot more

  2. Do you have an iPhone? If so, Nike+ GPS has a great app you can use.