Thursday, March 22, 2012

8th marathon completed in 8 days and 1,363 miles of running logged so far in 2012

8:43 a.m. was the official start time of today's marathon and the official finish time was 3:10 p.m.  which means that today was an extraordinarily long day.   A pattern is beginning to emerge with these daily marathons.  I have noticed that one day my legs will feel fresh and strong (for at least 20 miles of the run) and the next day, the legs will feel extremely tight and heavy.  

Today was the latter.  I started the run with a nice consistent eleven minute mile thinking that by not going quite as fast, I could find a nice middle ground that I could maintain for the entire 26.2 miles.  It may also have been the fact that it was sunny and 75 degrees or the fact that I completed my fastest marathon yesterday, either way, it did not work.  I was dragging by mile fourteen.

Up until recently I have been working in the evenings to pay the bills, but running a marathon every day can tend to leave one a little drained by the end of the day.  Needless to say the electric bill still has to be paid so trying to figure out how to run a marathon every day, while respecting and enjoying my time with my family in the evenings and trying to figure out how to still work to pay the bills has added more difficulty to the running than the running itself.  Which is saying a lot!  

Aside from all that, everything else is fantastic!  The feedback has been helping more than anything.  Please keep it coming.  And if you know anyone who reads books on personal growth - tell them about "365", the feedback on that books has continued to be outstanding.  

Map of today's run

Dailymile run log including feedback 

Thanks again to those of you who have picked up the book already. 

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