Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 5

5 marathons completed in 5 days

Barely slept last night, feet were sore.  They actually itched on the inside if that makes any sense.  The original plan for today was to run in the afternoon but around seven in the morning, the weather was beautiful and the forecast for around noon was a forty percent chance of thunderstorms and a fifty percent chance of thunderstorms after one in the afternoon. 

This forecast gave me just the motivation to attempt to shorten my run time.  My goal the last few days has just been to get my legs used to the distance on concrete.  Unfortunately, the slower and easier I took it translated to me being out pounding the pavement for much longer than was necessary.  In effect it was defeating the purpose of taking it slow and easy. 

So with the motivation of a potential thunderstorm and the incentive to significantly reduce the amount of time pounding the pavement, I made up my mind to pick up the pace.  My legs have hurt way more than normal in the last four days any way so I felt I had nothing to lose. 

The result was I finished the run a full hour and forty five minutes faster than Sunday.   That meant that I spent much less time on the street.  Tomorrow I have another strategy,  I am going to attempt to finish up my run even two hours earlier than today's... I am going to attempt to start two hours earlier! 

Tomorrow's all day forecast ;  RAIN (at least I won't overheat!)

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