Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Motion creates emotion"

805 Miles logged running so far in 2012 
Before today's 21 mile run...

...Getting up this morning I felt very tired and almost dreaded the idea of what lay ahead of me for the day.  The thought of completing my daily 340 push-up / 340 pull-up routine which takes just under an hour and then running 21 miles, on a treadmill, was completely inconceivable.  As a matter of fact, it did not even feel possible.  The only thought that had any appeal was the idea of going back to bed!  But, I knew that if I did that I would probably feel even worse later.  I knew I already had plenty of rest.  So I did the logical thing.  I cleaned the kitchen!  Motion creates emotion.

Somewhere in the process of cleaning the kitchen I came to life and and now feel well rested and ready to run a marathon.  I read a lot about people dreading a planned run or workout, so I am using today as an opportunity to remind all of us that motion does create emotion and the more inactive we are, the worse we tend to feel.  The more we move, the better we tend to feel As for the psychological aspect, there is one little reminder that has served me well over the years..."The fear of the attack is greater than the attack itself".  And yes, that applies to just about anything we are "thinking" about doing.  My advice as I am about to begin my daily routine, just move.

That is all I have for today because I wanted to leave room to add on part of a message I received that I am attaching to the bottom of today's blog post.  Take the few extra minutes to read this message at the bottom, it will be well worth the time.  Thank you all for keeping me going and keep the feedback coming. 

Jeffrey J. Miller 
Extreme marathoner
Soon to be New York Times best selling author
of "The 365 Day Challenge"

If you have not seen it yet and you want to know WHY I am running 21 miles a day, check out this interview... "Making the journey from prison to the World Records"

If you really want to support this cause - the best way is to get the book(s) - for yourself or others.  You WILL be surprised at the book's read-ability as well as the motivation in creates!

 The following comment was sent to me from Rachel after I let her know that I quoted her in yesterdays blog post...

"... I think that a lot of times, people fail not because they do not have the ability, but because they do not have the commitment. Once someone TRULY COMMITS to their goal, they achieve it. I think also, that influence from others is vital to the human spirit. We are social animals by nature, and it is sad how many people do not realize the impact they have upon others. Imagine a short, chubby housewife who has never run before, puffing away on the treadmill like an over heated steam engine. Yep, that is me at the gym. Last night was HARD for me. I forgot my interval timer, had to watch the timer on the tready (which, for me, makes it seem like eternity) and had zero rhythm, but was determined to complete my 3 miles. I was about 1.2 into my workout when another runner hopped onto the treadmill beside me. He tapped me on the shoulder and asked it I would like a little advice. I laughed because I could just imagine what I looked like to someone who was already an established runner. He basically showed me how to correct my form, make my gait a little smoother and learn to work with the treadmill so that I was getting more "run" in, and less fighting the process. And then he proceeded to zip up to about 7mph and make it look effortless. I finished my run (a lot more smoothly than the first half) and it really gave me a feeling of accomplishment. I had set a goal, and I had achieved it. By the time I had finished my circuit in the weights area, the man who had helped me was just finishing his run. I walked over and said thank you again, and glanced at the monitor. He had run 8 miles in 1:10. My final question to him before I left, was "Sir, how old are you?" He smiled and told me that he will be 87 on Sunday. 87!!!! Now if that isn't proof of how goals are achievable, I don't know what is. Inspiration, motivation, dedication...all words that this man made me think of. His kindness and support of a new runner, a woman he has never met before, will be helping me through many more miles, just as you carry with you the comments of others from the web and DM to help keep you motivated. You said "The most difficult part is committing this kind of time to something not knowing in the end if it will really mean anything." Jeffrey, it DOES mean something. You inspire so many people with your miles, words and attitude. You had some hard times and have come back determined to be better than ever. I know that everything we do as humans has an impact on someone else, and you should take a moment to smile and feel good, because I can tell you without a doubt, that you have helped and inspired at least ONE person. Me."

                                                                            -Rachel S. (Chester, VA)

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