Friday, February 17, 2012

"Getting the word out"

765 Miles logged running in 2012 so far (before today's 20 mile run)

Let's face it, you know people that I do not know and they know people that you do not know, and they know people that they do not know, etc...etc...  The reason that I am saying this is because I have been training since the fall of 2009 and gradually increasing my endurance to where I am today.

Aside from being an author, the original vision I had three years ago was to be a professional runner.  Since I am not going to be winning any events with my amazing speed at a blazing 5 mph - my thing is consistency.  I am including this in today's blog post because since I will be attempting to set a new World Record for Most Marathons Run on Consecutive Days it is my hope to find sponsorship along the way.  So, with all that being said, If you know anyone, or know anyone who knows anyone that might benefit from partnering up with me on this venture, let me know, or have them let me know.

I know that very few people know what it is that I am doing because the story hasn't really gotten out yet, and also believe that there aren't that many people in the world right now running 26.2 miles per day (which I will begin in less than a month) and this kind of publicity could benefit others as well.

The ideal scenario that I am hoping to create is to be able to run a marathon every day, ideally locally.  Along the way, with the potential endorsement deals in place, I would travel to as many marathon events as logistically possible.  For starters, this is what my calender could look like over the next 12 months;

May  - La Crosse, Eagle River, Green Bay, & Madison, WI
June - San Diego , Duluth, MN (Grandma's), & Seattle
July -  San Francisco
August - ?
Sep  - Mountain Air - Colorado
Oct  -  Chicago
Nov - New York
Dec - Las Vegas
Jan - Orlando and Miami
Feb - New Orleans
Mar - DC

Of course there are many more that I can fill in the gaps with - this could be a real fun year!  
Looking for feedback / connections / others that would benefit from leveraging what I am doing.

So if you know someone, or know someone who might know someone - pass this on.  
Thank You

Or let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas
I can be reached directly at

Jeffrey J. Miller
Extreme marathoner
Soon to be New York Times best selling author
of "The 365 Day Challenge"

P.S.  -  Here is the beginning of my long term international marathon list;  Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Berlin, Big Sur, Cape Town, Cairo, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rio, Rome...


  1. I'll do what I can to help you get the word out...good luck. Happy training.

  2. Thank You for that - with a few more friends like you I could run marathons all over the globe!

  3. this sounds crazy to me :) but I haven;t even run one marathon, not even a half...yet. WOW good for you for taking this on. can't wait to follow