Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breaking 900 miles for 2012

After today's 21 mile run I will pass the 900 mile mark for 2012 and this blog, though only being 20 days old, will have been read in at least 28 countries.  Thanks to everyone for helping get the story out there - this journey has really just begun!.  

Today I am going to switch it up a little bit by jumping on the treadmill at 6 a.m.  I really like the idea of being done well before noon with my complete workout,  The biggest thing for me of course is looking forward to running outside next Friday, after today I will only have seven more brutal treadmill runs to go!  In the meantime, here is another really short excerpt from "365" just for a little something to let marinate today...

Chapter Eleven

“That which you persist in doing becomes easier, not that the nature of the task has changed, but your ability to do it has increased” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

 The very first time that I read this statement, I felt empowered.  I felt like there was nothing that I could not do.  I made a point to commit this statement to memory.  The very first time that I tried to remember exactly how it was worded, I got stuck.  I could not remember the wording, so I referred to my notes.  Once I reviewed the statement again, I made it a point to say it out loud a few times.  After that, it got a little bit easier!  But I did mess it up again, so I would revisit my notes.  Again, I repeated the statement multiple times over and over again.  Gradually, it got easier and easier to say without error.  In a very simple way, I was amazed at the process that I went through just to learn this statement and realized something I wish I would have discovered twenty years earlier; that is, learning is easy.  

It does not matter how smart a person is, and it definitely does not matter how good one looks or how much money they have, learning is easy.  Once I figured out that learning was easy, it became fun.   I realized that learning was not about who I am, or about my past, or what my grades were in school, or even if I went to college.  Learning was nothing more than desire backed by repetition.  Ever since that distinction, I became addicted to learning new ideas and concepts.  Then, by applying them with virtually no fear, I had realized, as long as I continued to use repetition in everything, I would achieve whatever result I desired.  The simple belief that I could learn anything through repetition eliminated any and all fear associated with learning anything new.  The number one reason most people fail at anything is fear of failure.  They simply never give it their all.  They give up too easily and much too early.  

Jeffrey J. Miller 
Extreme marathoner
Soon to be New York Times best selling author
of "The 365 Day Challenge"

If you have not seen it yet and you want to know WHY I am running 21 miles a day, check out this interview... "Making the journey from prison to the World Records"

I am currently working nights to support this dream. YES, I work in the evenings after running 21 miles each day!   Ultimately I would like nothing more than to run marathons everyday and spend the rest of the time working on my other book titles as well as be with my family (I do have four kids as well!)

The logical solution is corporate sponsorship - I am now in a position to do this full-time.  Interested parties should contact me directly at my above e-mail address.  If your not interested at this time, maybe you know someone who is - Pass this on

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