Friday, February 24, 2012


I am attempting my second day in a row of running at six in the morning.  I noticed yesterday that the first mile was a little bit more difficult than it normally is, but after that, the entire run seemed a little bit easier than normal.  Looking back over the years, the days that I started running earlier, the run seemed to be a little easier, it almost felt more natural.  So I am going to do what I do best and just take it one day at a time and see if I can make this habit stick.

A week from today I will begin to run outside and cannot wait to be out in the fresh air.  Since Jan 1st of 2010 I have logged well over 6,000 miles running and over 5,000 miles of that was outside.  I have run in beautiful weather and I have run in the worst possible weather.  Amazingly enough it was the bad weather that was the most memorable.  Maybe it was because it required a higher degree of presence.  Running in a torrential downpour or in 40 below windchill definitely requires a a higher degree of presence! I guess what I am saying is that I cannot wait to get out there and experience it all again.  

Keep the feedback coming because right now it IS the only thing that is keeping me going at this insane idea!

Here is another real quick excerpt from "365" that I am including to hopefully serve as a simple reminder of something that we all need to be reminded of from time to time...

"Dreams begin at a very young age, and as you get older, the dreams get greater and greater, until you experience more and more negativity and more and more rejection.  Passion begins to disappear, and you begin to settle for what you can get, you begin to compromise your own beliefs, because there is so much in your past to verify what is not possible.  This is very sad because what you can accomplish in your lifetime is virtually unlimited.  You will never begin to know, let alone believe, what is truly possible.  Know the past does not equal the future.  Right now, you know more and have more life experiences than you have ever had in your life.  As times change and markets change, opportunities change.  So what might not have worked last year may work this year.  Never give up trying.  You do not have to conquer the world to realize your potential.  All you have to do is press on, just keep progressing and your potential will begin to reveal itself."

Jeffrey J. Miller 
Extreme marathoner
Soon to be New York Times best selling author
of "The 365 Day Challenge"

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