Sunday, February 5, 2012

'WHY is more important than how"

How easy it is to forget this fundamental truth.  You can apply this idea to anything that you want in life or anything you want today for that matter.  But for a simple way to get a simple point across, let's assume for a moment that your goal today was to run 19 miles (or 1.9 miles for that matter).
You almost always feel better after a run than before it, but, you gotta start. 
Now imagine for a moment how you might motivate yourself to get started.  The mind naturally goes yo the "how" aspect.  On the other hand, what if you were paid $100,000?
If you allow your imagination to go there, what you will experience is absolute clarity!  We have all experienced this in our lives.  

My point on this wonderful Sunday morning is that perception is reality.
What ever you focus on you actually experience.  We make most things in our life more difficult than they need be. 
My goal here is to remind you and challenge you to exaggerate the "why" and then become aware the fact that the "how" actually becomes automatic, effortless and enjoyable.
If you do not experience this, it is only because your focus has momentarily left the perceived reason or you simply did not make the perceived reason big enough.

It's Sunday, have fun with this one and remember once today is gone, it is gone forever, you never get it back.  Maybe your goal today should be to just SLOW DOWN and remember that most goals are not that hard to accomplish, creating a big enough why and keeping that thought in the forefront of your mind is the only real challenge!!!
If you do not know WHY I am running 19 miles today, THIS is it

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