Saturday, February 4, 2012


"Life's way too short"
That is exactly what I would tell myself whenever I felt like eating something that would give me instantaneous gratification but very soon after have me feeling tired.
The problem I have with this scenario is that I am very passionate about my beliefs.  So it is real easy to attach something like eating a chocolate chip cookie or mint chocolate chip ice-cream to my philosophy.  Because life IS too short.  Today IS all we ever have, once it is gone, it is gone forever, we never get it back!   Enjoy today. 
  And that is exactly where I finally pulled my head out of my arse!  If life really IS too short and today IS really all I have, do I really want to spend it feeling like crap?  
   I can hear it now, if you run 18 miles per day, seven days per week, plus the 340 push-ups you've done everyday since July 6th, 2007 and the 340 pull-ups you've done everyday since March 31st of 2009 you can pretty much eat anything you want. 
Not true, it is the simple law of cause and effect at work.  Take a specific action and you will get a specific result no matter who you are.  
   Life IS too short.   Once today is gone it IS gone forever, we never get it back.  Which is why my mantra for today, if only today, is "Life is too short...".  And I am going to "flip it" and finish the sentence with "...Life is way to short to make myself feel like crap"!
If you feel like commenting, first and foremost, wish me luck, because core beliefs take time to change.  My focus will be just on today because I know that one day at a time we can pretty much do anything.  If you decide to "Flip it" I wish you luck as well and hope that you remember to put your focus on how good you feel by flipping the meaning.  Good luck.


La Vida es como tu la hagas

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